Creating R Dataset

Hi all,
I want to create dataset in R so that i load into R session as follows
I tried following
values<- read.table("mydatasetname.txt") save(values,file="value.rda")
but wen i type following command to load data
Warning message: In data(values) : data set ‘values’ not found
Can anybody help
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Sukhdeep has the right answer, data() is really for getting datasets from packages or the standard library in R. Just so you know, if you do create a package then plain text tables are one of of the formats that you can use in the /data directory (as per the documentation) - i.e. there is no reason to save your data in the binary format
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How is this relevant to bioinformatics? This question is more suitable for StackOverflow.
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off topic, read the manual
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Sukhdeep Singh5.4k
You read a table in a variable named values
values<- read.table("mydatasetname.txt")
you saved a image as an .rda (Rdata) file
To load it , use the load command as load('value.rda')
This will load the image you saved capturing the table you read. To confirm, type ls() which will list the values variable and typing it will output the values stored in it. Also, the data command is to load the data provided by default with the packages, so if you write data(), it will give you a list existing datasets.

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